Isnin, 22 Oktober 2012

Our times.

Friends, our dreams are similar. We are here in the same journey to be walked together. we have the same courage, we polish the same hopes, we strive for the same star, we create the same memories, we share the same laughs and tears.

But it always in mind, our last and our destiny might be different. I might choose other way, and you might choose yours. We might split apart, go further where the tomorrow will bring us. In fact, we never know what the future holds. but we know who hold it. We plan for the best, but He also plans and He is the best Planner.

One day, we will change, people do change. But remember that i will never forget our friendship. Our promise in heart, even it never been spoken out.

kawan, demi Tuhan yang menciptakan langit dan bumi; mengenali kalian merupakan satu Rahmat!
Thanks a lot for all these days!