Rabu, 25 April 2012

sorri freng!

Sorry, I just don’t like those who did not focus in class, then ask for your notes to copy.

o Please, please, please oh dear me. Don’t ever take life just for granted, you will never learn how to appreciate things.

There is no such-called shortcut to succeed.

Train yourself to improve, train your ability, your skill. Never afraid of failure, life is always a learning process. Think of your future, your who-to-be, your parents whose has spent millions on your, pray for you day and night. Think of Him that always there seeing you, monitoring you, near to you.

He never asks you to be the best, He only wants you to do the best, and then He will take care of the rest, insyaAllah.

Give a chance for yourself to success, to feel how sweet the victory is after all the hardship you have faced, the difficulties that you have gone through, the sickness of being push and pull around and at last the triumph is yours. Even you fail, you can be proud of yourself.

At least you rise stronger and wiser.

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