Ahad, 13 Januari 2013


in life, i notice that there are two types of learner;

-1st is very hardworking, but not too intelligent.
-2nd is given a good brain, but he not too hardworking.

At the time when the 1st one laying around, chitchatting, facebooking, gosipping again and again and again. the 2nd was struggle hardly.

both end up having the same result. SAME. SIMILAR. biasa.

dan bahaimana untuk kita jadikan kita yang LUARBIASA.
the special one.

so, the answer is= don't be among the both categories.


i also did not know which category i belonged to. people say that i am intelligent naturally, Allah give me a brilliant brain.
and me, just smiling and say in the deepest of my heart;

"they never see how crazy i'm studying"

again, i never know which group i belonged to.
to be one of the 1st group, i struggle hardly. to be intelligent specifically
Allah has created brain as the most amazing thing
brain that differentiate we and another

the aql, one of things that MUST be preserved
the 4th Maqasid As-shariah. the 4th of al-dururiyyah al-khomsiah.

we can preserve it through 2 approaches;
1. affirmative measures
2. protective measures

we can train our brain
we can make it clever, its food is Education and pursuit of knowledge. the i'lm
we can maintain our brain, among other ways are;
-eat honey consistently
-eat habbatus sauda consistently
-do not sleep on evening
-cover head in toilet
-do not eat haram/dirtyfood
-always cut ur fingernails, because it made ur food dirty
- reading surah al-luqman consistently
-and pray
-etc etc etc etc etc and etc

yes, too many rule and regulation
too many do and don't to observe

to be in 2nd group, I MUST be hardworking.
it is a habit, habit can be inculcated by doing it consistently.

1. stay away from distraction

yes, for me, stay in my comfortable room is one of the distraction, the FB, the non-stop drama, the favorite thriller movie, the bed and all the bears. they are all distraction that stop me from study.
so, what i did that i find the best place to study.
wake up in the morning and go anywhere that help me stay focus.
and this semester, the best place i discovered was the students lounge.

even full with students, foreigner that speak loudly, sometime laugh loudly and turn on the speaker loudly. but, my mood to study is there. yes. because other students went there to study.

Undeniable. we are human, we tend to be good depend on our mood.
indeed, it is the fact.

and another interesting fact is, "Allah is the Controller, the Sustainer, the Giver.
ask him for the strength that we seek, and in-shaa-Allah, He will grant us.

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