Ahad, 13 Januari 2013

bye. semester 1 year 3


Byebye semester 1 year 3, byebye books, byebye scale ruler, calculator, PAM2006, PWD203A and all the tough drawings. Byebye all the pains and tear. See you next time. May He eases our journey! :)

yup. sem 1 year three... another place to discovered.

in average of ten hours a days for more than 2 weeks, staying at study room mahallah, tough me a lots.
--> no matter what courses you're majoring, what kuliyyah you're belonged to, the final examination is almost the same.

yeah, EXAMINATION is not just testing our ability on understanding the subject matter, it is about the skills of answering the question paper, in overall aspects.

not only the studying skill, the critical thinking skills, the memorizing skill, but includes the skill how students concluded the overall subject in 1 idea, how students assess the past year questions, how students analyze the questions patterns as well as the lecturers behavior on giving question and marking the questions paper..

yes, it is all about.

the truth and the real fact is;

if you study just for the sake of passing the examination, or to score the dean's list. Once you succeed, you got what you want. But if you fail, you got nothing. NOTHING at all. ZERO. and you will start thinking that life is not fair.

but if you study to achieve His blessing, the blesses and barokah from the above authority. To seek for knowledge that will bring you closer to Him. and if you fail, you still can be relief because you have gotten the 'ilm, the blessing, the love from the LOVE GIVER. you will think that He has reserved something better for you. He has planned for your future. He knew what he is doing and He has choosen you to walk on that path. the path that he has planned thoroughly for you...........and once (if) you succeed, you have EVERYTHING!

do not ever sad if He not answer your call. it is the time where He is planning something beautiful.

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